OTE API - Netistrar Support


The OTE API is accessible using the endpoint 


Access is restricted to whitelisted IP addresses and may be requested by contacting support@netistrar.com

Authentication of the APIs is via OAuth and you will receive credentials once your access has been granted.

You will also be granted access to the OTE control panel to use for managing your account including resetting of API credentials and confirming API operations.  This is located at 


PHP Client API

There is a fully developed PHP Client API available to download as a zip file here.  To use this API unzip the file and navigate into the netistrar-api directory.  There is a test example NetistrarAPITest.php which provides fully commented examples of making several API calls using your access credentials supplied above.  

Documentation for the APIs can be found by following the links below:

Netistrar Utility API

Netistrar Domain Availability API

Netistrar Domain Lifecycle API

Netistrar Domain Transfer API

Netistrar Test API